What’s up, Docs? (3)

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I arrived at the ER around 7:30 on Monday, October 26th. It was almost Halloween, I was really hoping to be able to dress up and be out and about. Obviously, that never happened. I was sent to Triage rather quickly. I started to explain to the Triage nurses that I had lost about 40 pounds and had severe abdominal tenderness for the last week or so. They gave me a mortified look. I’m pretty sure they all thought I was septic and ready to keel over at any time. I was moved from Triage to a seat in the hallway, where I waited for a room with a bed, for about an hour. During my stay in the lovely hallway recliner, one of the ER doctors came to start to get a feel for what was going on with me and discuss how to proceed.  They moved me to an individual room in the ER and immediately gave me an IV and some pain medicine. We then went through all the typical medical and family history questions.

Moving on, the next thing they did was administer a CAT scan. This was miserable due to the amount of pain I was in at the time. I couldn’t raise my arms above my head or lay flat. Guess what you have to do for a CT Scan? You have to do both of those damn things. I may or may not have complained a little bit.

About an hour later they came back in with the results. They had found what they were calling an abscess in my colon. However, the colon wall was so inflamed that it was difficult for them to really tell what the hell was actually happening. Wonderful. Then, they started asking me about Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis (UC), which I thought was weird. I had never heard of either in any part of my family. They didn’t seem to know for sure what the deal was.

Ultimately, the team decided to treat what they had found, which was the abscess. I was admitted to the hospital and moved to a private room, which was extremely nice.