The Colonoscopy Debacle…(8)

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My colonoscopy was scheduled for the Friday after I was released from the hospital (a week later). In my mind, all I could think was “Great, I get to sit here for a week before I really figure out what’s going on.” Due to some communications issues, I ended up showing up, putting on the gown, talking to all the doctors, and then the procedure was postponed until Monday. I was annoyed, but it was obviously the best decision for my safety.

So, Sunday night, my sister (the nurse) and I had the luxury of trying to insert a gallon of colonoscopy prep through my new snazzy ostomy (through that hole in the stoma that goes into the large bowel I was talking about earlier) To say the least, this was a nightmare. We spent almost six hours trying to make it happen. I won’t mention the unflattering bits. We decided to give up around midnight. The next morning, I showed up for the colonoscopy appointment, and even though I had some issues with the prep, we proceeded. The first thing I remember hearing after coming out from under the anesthesia was that I had a FIVE INCH TUMOR blocking my entire transverse colon. Woah, insert mental flip out. I was really angry. I felt absolutely betrayed by my body and it is the weirdest feeling I’ve ever had. It still freaks me out. I wanted the shit out, immediately. Check out the pictures in my photo gallery

Well, with my recent luck, the biopsy from the large tumor came back necrotic and there were multiple polyps (pre-tumor growths) along my colon. This meant we had to redo the colonoscopy because pathology couldn’t get a definitive diagnosis. I was…so thrilled. I couldn’t get an appointment for another ten days either. At least I talked them out of making me attempt the preparation again for the redo. The second procedure went smoothly and they got everything they needed to complete the pathology. They also removed the polyps. I was scheduled to meet with my doctor a few days later to go over the results. Well, the results weren’t quite in yet when I met with the doctor. However, she had discussed my case with the Tumor Board. I’m not sure what it is, but it sounded fancy and I felt important.

Anyways, due to the nature of the case, they came to the conclusion it would be best for me to start a chemo regimen right away, and postpone surgery. The basic idea was to use the chemo to shrink the tumor, which will allow for a safer operation when the time arises. Also, they felt that operation needed to be a total colectomy (removal of the entire colon). Not exactly the news I was hoping to hear. I was set to meet with the chemo doctor the next day, Christmas Eve. C’mon man, give me some good news for once!