That’s not what that is…(5)

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After a day or two of being back home and finally feeling somewhat decent, I started to dive into the research that existed on Ulcerative Colitis. It was scary and would be a life-changing diagnosis (not that cancer isn’t). Also, I didn’t feel like this was what was really going on with my body. By this point, I had lost over 40 pounds in the past six weeks and I hadn’t been able to eat much of anything or do much of anything. However, I continued as though UC was the issue. I tried to avoid the foods that research said caused flare ups, I started taking probiotics, and I focused on trying to include more fermented foods into my diet to recreate a healthy gut microbiome.

Two weeks after being released from the hospital, the antibiotic regimen was up and I started to feel like I was getting back to normal. I was back to eating a decent amount of food each day. I even decided to try and do some push-ups to wake up my muscles from doing nothing for so long. I did maybe 60 or so, nothing very strenuous compared to workouts I was used to. I could tell the next day that I hadn’t been using my muscles at all recently. I was REALLY sore. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself.

Two days later, the soreness was subsiding, except for what I thought was my abs. I started to get a pain in my abs again, in the same spot where the abscess had been. Then, I noticed that the abscess was getting harder rather softer and going away. NOT A GOOD SIGN. Well, it just so happened that I had been off antibiotics for about 48 hours at this point. I’ll let you figure out what happened next.