Thanks, Erin (2)

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So, my sister is a (brilliant) nurse, and I started asking her questions and voicing my concerns with her. Obviously, she was pretty worried. Luckily, since I did not have health insurance at the time, I was lucky enough for a doctor friend of hers to come and tell me how “life-threatening” the situation was. Apparently, intense abdominal pain is ALWAYS a reason to go to the ER. I didn’t buy it. That was pretty much the same consensus that my sister and her doctor friend had. The fear was that I may be septic, which is um, really bad. Plus, my insurance was supposed to kick in about two weeks later, so I was hoping to wait to see a doctor until then, for obvious reasons. Anyways, I promised my sister I would go to the hospital when, and if, I developed a fever. .

It just so happened that Mid-terms and Finals were the week after homecoming. In my debilitated state, I made it through all of my tests and then pretty much crashed for the next few days. I still had almost constant pain and couldn’t really stand up straight and was losing weight like crazy because I couldn’t talk myself into eating anything. Everything sounded disgusting and tasted about the same.

Soon thereafter, I couldn’t really move at all. I was in so much pain all of the time that it was brutal trying to sit up out of bed. I couldn’t touch my stomach without pain being involved. This was two weeks after homecoming and I had resigned to my parents’ house for the much needed hospitality they so magnificently extended. After a few days of wallowing around and not really being able to do much of anything, I started to get really cold in between the times I was taking Ibuprofen. I had been taking Ibuprofen for several days to help with the pain. I hadn’t even thought about taking my temperature until that evening. Lightbulb!

My sister had just showed up to my parents for our weekly family dinner and game night session. I took my temperature. It was 102.9. Things weren’t getting better. She was pretty upset with me for having a fever and not being in the ER. I admitted that based on how I had been feeling I probably had a fever for the past few days. Somehow, it slipped my mind to check. Unexpectedly, I managed to talk them into not going for one more day. I made it until about seven o’clock the next night and I happened to throw up. Well, this was the final straw and I acquiesced to the ER decision.

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  1. I am a 9 year cancer survivor ! I had 10 chemo’s and 36 radiation treatments. Low level 4 cancer in tonsil. Tough fight but successful, just as yours will be! Hang tough, some times you take the pain hour by hour, and the good days , one day at a time. Was 50 when diagnosed. Am alive and well now as it changed my life for the better. Keep strong and truck on thru the treatments! You can make do this ! You will be victorious !

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