So it begins…(10)

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I was about to go under anesthesia for the fifth time in like eight weeks or something crazy. I don’t have any issues with anesthesia, but negative thoughts crept in my mind because of how many times I had received it recently.

I think they gave me different anesthesia this time or something. Usually I’m calm, cool, and collected right before I go under. This time, it was hard to breath and I got really nervous and remember looking around the room frantically wondering if I was going to be ok. Then, I woke up just fine, as always. I just had a lot of pain in my shoulder and couldn’t lift my arm. They had put the port in my right shoulder and it felt like they broke my collar bone in the process. I would know, I’ve broken my left collar bone twice. There’s lots of nerves in that area too and it was hard to turn my head to the left for a few days.

They left the port bandaged up so I couldn’t admire my newest battle scar. I just had this little IV input thing hanging out of my shoulder. I went in for chemo the next day.

THEY HAVE SNACKS. I found that to be pretty neat. I was put into my own room. I guess they like to make you feel special the first day and then they send you out to join the ranks in the recliners after that. My sister came with me again. She is my medical translator of sorts.

Chemo takes a LONG time. The whole process took 4 hours. I’ll make sure to bring my computer next time. They have to give you all kinds of nasty meds to make sure the even nastier chemo doesn’t make your tummy upset. I’ve never really had an issue with nausea, but that’s all anyone wanted to talk about. Anyways, after about an hour of setting up and pre-medicine, I started the first dose of my chemo.

I felt like I belonged to the cancer club now.