Round 4 and out the door! (24)

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So, Round 4 of chemo is pushing the last remaining bits through the chemo pump at the moment. Tomorrow I’ll be 33 percent done (*slow claps*)! The chemo visit got done about 45 minutes earlier than usual yesterday too, which was awesome. My nurse was wasting zero time. Pretty legit. Oh, by the way, I still feel pretty fantastic if you guys were wondering. Gotta stay crushin!

Moving on, sorry that I haven’t been posting as much lately. I’ve been incredibly busy and I had a couple of my favorite people up to visit me this weekend, so writing was on the back burner.

I said I would update you guys on the side-effects from last round. Alas, there weren’t any of real significance (hooray). The neuropathy seems like it’s the only real problem and that is usually done a week after I start each round. So, one week of not being able to touch cold things or drink ice water, then one week of normalcy.

Furthermore, I had labs and met with Dr. Kingsley again on Monday. I was pleased to see there was no wait for labs this time. Plus, one of my favorite nurses was in there and drew my blood. It’s always nice to visit with her! After labs I went down to the cafeteria for a little coffee and hardboiled eggs for breakfast. Believe it or not, it’s really satisfying and holds me over for several hours. Labs were at 8:00 and then I saw the doc at 9:00 so I try to squeeze breakfast in between. Once I got to the doc, it was like a five minute wait this time instead of a fifty minute wait. Got to love that! We spoke for a few minutes, told him some of the issues I had – numb lip when cold, cramping in my calves and forearms, same neuropathy issues, and no nausea or fatigue.  I asked about the labs, because that’s really the only reason I go see him each time, besides the witty banter. The only thing worth mentioning were that my platelets fell quite a bit. They are at 120 (I don’t know the units, deal with it) now and were in the three hundreds last round. 150 is more where they would like to see them, but it’s nothing to worry about until it gets to 50 or lower. Now I have a goal for next time, find a way to get my blood back to being able to clot effectively. Easy fix, right? I have cancer, I can do whatever I want!! Kidding, but it is fun to use that card for comedic purposes.

Guess what? The rest of the numbers looked great again. That’s what happens when you channel you’re inner Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and put some boots to asses!  Cancer ain’t shit. And, don’t judge me on my creepy admiration for the man, the myth, the legend, the People’s Champ, and the reigning highest grossing actor at the box office. Or do, I don’t care. But you’re missing out. And, you’re wrong. The Rock is the hardest working guy around and built his empire from nothing. I respect the crap out of that. Success only comes with daily consistency and hard work. Nobody starts out great, you have to work to become great. Think about it, no matter how great you think someone is, there was a time in their life when they were learning how to not poop their pants, just like the rest of us.

So, after chemo yesterday I had some interesting things going on. Most of the same stuff. But, my eyes were pretty dry and itchy and my eyelids had some interesting twitching bouts. Also, on chemo days, I tend to get a little dizzy if I stand up too fast. Which is both fun and scary. Other than that, I keep doing a better job at keeping myself warm enough in order to avoid the neuropathy from being much of an issue. My dad got me a pack of hand-warmers. They keep my hands plenty warm. Shocker. Don’t know why I didn’t scoop some of those up from day one.

However, I have noticed this whole “chemo brain” thing lately and am slowly willing to admit that it is, in fact, a real thing. I don’t think it’s making me stupid or any less capable of anything mentally. But, I’ve always been very good at having conversations with a lot of different people and remembering those individual conversations. Lately, I keep repeating myself to people, because I can’t remember if I’ve told them yet or not. Sorry, not sorry. I think, as much as anything, it’s just the amount of people I talk to these days and trying to inform everyone on what’s going on all the time. I’ve made myself incorporate a calendar in my life too, which has been a lifesaver.

Well, that’s about all I got for today. I’ll try and get another blog out tomorrow or Monday, but, no promises.


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  1. If you’re still having trouble with cold feet I might suggest those heated socks hunters sometimes use in their boots. My brother-in-law swears by them when he’s in the deer woods.

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