I won. (37)

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From this day on, I have a future again. Don’t expect me to take it for granted. My heart is heavy, my mind has been mangled, my body is beaten up from a repeatedly viscous onslaught, my emotions are elevated, and I’m pretty tired. But, who gives a shit. I f***ing won! I now have the […]

Chemo 8-10 (36)

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Chemo 8-10: It’s been about a two month long hiatus from the blog, whoops…again. I’ve been busy, and there really hasn’t been a whole lot I have felt like writing about. Even though things have been going about as well as possible…it’s still not pretty a lot of the time. I know  I said I […]

Chemo Round…7! (35)

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The hospital was crazy busy on Monday. I walked in to get my labs drawn at 8:20 and there was already a full house. Of course, I was the youngest person there by about 30 years. That is, until my buddy Ryan came in. Ryan and I have become friends because we are on the […]

Chemo – Round 6 (34)

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So, for those of you that have been paying attention and following along, you’re well aware that this week I embarked on my 6th round of chemotherapy. Actually, at the moment, I just got home from having the pump removed. FREEEEEEEEEDOM. Man, I hate that thing. Anyway, it went pretty well for the most part. […]

Conquering Cancer Festival (33)

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Here’s my attempt at expressing the gratitude I have for those involved with the Conquering Cancer Festival on Saturday. However, there is nothing, nor grandiose gesture, that I feel as though I can do, at the moment, to repay the work, support, and respect on my behalf. So, please accept my sincerest Thank you. And […]

Recovery (32)

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Recovery has gone exceptionally well so far. The first few weeks were way better than I ever could have imagined and I got back to 90% ridiculously fast. That last 10% has been much more difficult and slow, painstakingly so. Obviously, after such a major surgery, there are some ups and downs. Throughout the entire […]

Pathology (31)

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I’m sure you guys are on the edge of your seats all weekend waiting to recover from the cliffhanger I left you with on Friday. Kidding. However, here goes. So, last Monday I went back to St. Louis for my post-op appointment to make sure everything was progressing as it should, to get the staples […]

Post-Op (30)

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My surgery was described to me as an “open subtotal colectomy with ileostomy takedown and an omentectomy with the construction of an ileal reservoir.” Say that five times fast. I don’t really remember the exact moment I woke up. I think I just slowly came back to consciousness. The first thing I actually remember was […]

Pre-Op (29)

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I went in for my pre-op doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, March 23, in St. Louis. I started feeling pretty terrible on the way up there – achy, tired, and chilled. I got to St. John’s Mercy Hospital and checked-in about 10:00. The first thing they needed me to do was draw my blood, in order […]

April 23rd (28)

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So, again, I’ve failed you. It’s been a little while and I promised to let you know what I was talking about in terms of April 23rd right after the last blog. Well, I got really sick for a couple days leading up to surgery. And, then I had surgery. You’ll just have to forgive […]

Moving Day (27)

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As if I haven’t had enough to do lately. Today is the day I am moving into a new place. I actually can’t wait…to be done with it all and be settled. The new place is going to be sweet though. Of course, over the weekend, I’ve had a ton of issues with the stoma […]

Good news. Say what?? (26)

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So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. My bad. I’ve been a very unique combination of busy, tired, sick, and ambivalent. Unfortunately, blogging has slipped down the priority list as of late. I aim to fix that here soon! Before I get into everything, I want to take a minute to thank everyone out […]

Cancer is HARD. (25)

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I don’t feel particularly well at the moment. Yesterday, I woke up to a leaky ostomy bag, a splitting headache, I couldn’t feel my fingers, and somehow my calves now hurt when I walk. Delightful. But, guess what? I still had an awesome day. Take that, cancer. And, today I’ll have another one. Every day […]

Family. (20)

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The concept of family is a very complex thing to explain, yet, eerily simply. To me, someone that constitutes family is a person that I value strongly enough to be willing to do anything (within reason) for, at the drop of a hat, if they needed it. If you ask other people to describe or […]