I won. (37)

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From this day on, I have a future again. Don’t expect me to take it for granted.

My heart is heavy, my mind has been mangled, my body is beaten up from a repeatedly viscous onslaught, my emotions are elevated, and I’m pretty tired.

But, who gives a shit. I f***ing won!

I now have the opportunity to celebrate another birthday. I now have the opportunity to experience another Christmas. I now have the opportunity to ring in a new year with endless possibilities. I now have the opportunity to improve upon the mental and physical health of my body. I now have the opportunity to spend time with friends and family. I now have the opportunity to some day have my own family. I again have the opportunity to build a successful life. I now have the opportunity to make many more magnificent memories. And, I will definitely get to make my mark on this crazy world.

This has been an arduous and unrelenting journey. Some of you saw me at my absolute weakest. Thank you for sticking by me through it all. I am no longer scared of what will come. Bring it on.

Life will probably be the longest thing any of us get to experience, but love and memories last forever. I love all of you and to those closest to me I know I don’t say it enough. I’ll work on it. At least one of you is in every memory I cherish.

There have been so many people along this journey that have showed me more support than I could have possibly earned or deserved. I am so thankful for that, and I don’t know that I can explain how much it meant to me to have so many wonderful people in my corner rooting for me. But, thank you with all I have.

To all of you, the only way I can repay you is to attack this reversal of fortunes with a vengeance and take advantage of this second chance that I am utterly thrilled, and  fairly stunned, to be receiving.

So, watch out world. It’s go time.

But, for the next week, I’m going to the beach!

2 thoughts on “I won. (37)

  1. Congratulations. I know exactly how you feel and it is wonderful feeling. Oct. 8th I will be 5 years out from my colon cancer surgery. I have since had a detour and another battle with Lymphoma… but that’s another story ( also with a happy ending ) So I’ve had that great feeling twice. Anyhow, enjoy every second of live and soon this will all be a distant memory. Best of luck for a long and happy life.

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