Good news. Say what?? (26)

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So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. My bad. I’ve been a very unique combination of busy, tired, sick, and ambivalent. Unfortunately, blogging has slipped down the priority list as of late. I aim to fix that here soon!

Before I get into everything, I want to take a minute to thank everyone out there for the support. You guys are amazing. Most importantly, I want to thank everyone at Iron Wolf Crossfit. I can’t imagine a better group of people and the fact that you rallied around me and put together a fundraiser to help me is truly amazing. I’m not a big church person, but the Iron Wolf community is stronger than any other organization I have ever really been part of. I can’t wait to get back in the gym and rejoin everyone for some good ole pain and suffering. Not the kind I’m going through now…

Anyway, tons of stuff has happened since the last time I posted and I wanted to catch everyone up on how things are going.

First off, I left you guys with a CT scheduled. Well, I got those results. I’m not usually the kind of guy that brags about shrinkage…but my tumor has shrunk about 80% since I started chemo! HIGH FIVE, SLAP HANDS! Obviously, this was fantastic news and I was pretty elated for several days.

Next, my Medicaid application was approved. Therefore, all of the future costs of my treatment will be covered, which is a huge weight off of my shoulders. Because of the approval, I can now get a PET Scan done to see if the cancer cells have spread to anywhere else in my body. Even though the tumor perforated the colon, I’m feeling pretty good about what the results will be. How could I not be? Life is great and things are going swimmingly for me as of late.

However, we ran into a little snafu at the hospital on Thursday. I was supposed to have a PET Scan on Thursday at 8am. Unfortunately, it turned into me waiting for 90 minutes, only to find out that the hospital never called to get pre-approval for the PET and thus, it was denied. Luckily, my doctor was able to get ahold of them and plead my case. Ultimately, I got the approval and will be rescheduling my PET scan for some time this week or early next week. Thanks to the Radiology department at Ellis Fischel for handling the disarray in a very professional matter.  I’ll keep you posted on the reschedule date. As you know, the first time it was denied too. So, hopefully the third time is the charm!

Moving on, my surgery date is scheduled! 10 day countdown starts today. I will be having surgery in St. Louis at St. John’s Mercy hospital, on March 25th, and the best colorectal surgeon in Missouri will be doing the procedure. I’m basically going to be gutted like a deer. People don’t seem to find that line as funny as I do, but whatever, I have cancer, so I can do what I want, right? Kidding. But, it is going to be a major surgery and I’ll be laid up in the hospital in St. Louis for 7-10 days. It’s going to suck, but I’ll be just fine. Again, adversity reveals character. Time to see what I’m made of.

I’ve set two goals for myself immediately after surgery and while in the hospital. The first one is to eat none of the food provided at the hospital. People tend to leave hospitals more malnourished than they arrive due to the horrid state of hospital food. In our country, people are treated by a healthcare industry that pays no attention to food, and fed by an industry that pays no attention to nutrition. Way to go, America. So, I’ll bring my own food. Nutritious food leads to a healthy body. Crappy food will not help me recover at all. The second goal is to not complain about the situation even once. Let’s be honest, this probably won’t happen. Complaining is too easy to do. But, I’m trying to look at this whole thing as a challenge. How fast can I recover? How fast can I get back into the gym? How fast can I get back in the classroom? How fast can I get back to running the company? These are all very important things in my life and I plan on doing everything possible in my mind to mitigate any setbacks.

Continually, I ended up changing surgeons for several reasons. One, I wanted to get a second opinion and the new doc provided me with multiple options. He even elaborated on the complications of the procedure my current doc was planning on performing, which she didn’t’ really tell me about (for those of you out there dealing with physicians, ask as many questions as you can! They need to present their case and sufficient reasoning on how they plan to proceed…or you need to find a new doctor). Also, there is no cost difference between letting the best surgeon in MO do the surgery, or my doc at Mizzou. She is an excellent surgeon, but the best is the best for a reason. Coincidentally, she also resigned last week from Mizzou. That made my decision pretty easy. I feel more confident with the new doc handling my care.

He is also going to let me keep part of my colon, for at least a year or two, which is super exciting news! I will also be getting the ostomy reversed at the time of surgery, instead of a few months after. You have no idea how excited I am about that little perk. Things are finally turning around and good news seems to be the norm, which is quite a reprieve from the debacle that was my life from October through February. I give you guys the credit. I certainly couldn’t have done everything myself.

Lastly, there are things that are going on in my life besides fighting cancer, believe it or not. I graduate with my Master’s in Business Administration from Mizzou in 8 weeks! That time is going to fly by. I can’t wait to be done and get back out into the business world and make things happen. The start-up is going fantastically well and it seems all but certain that we will be moving forward and receive funding in the coming months (look for a post about it here soon). It’s a pretty exciting future when you get the opportunity to do a job that literally couldn’t be more suited to both your skills, interests, and passions. We will have a direct effect on cancer treatments and how they are administered. Plus, it’s pretty cool to have a few great people on my team along the way! Also, I’m moving into a new place next week! Be prepared to be asked to help. I think my dead lift PR is about 12 pounds these days…

That’s about all I got for now. I’ll be back to posting more regularly moving forward. Please keep reading! For now, I need to go fill out my March Madness bracket and do my research for this year’s Fantasy Baseball Draft. Let’s go Cards!!!! Check out the video on the “About Me” section if you are excited for baseball season. Game 6 never gets old.


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  1. Congratulations on all your good news. God is good!!!
    I so admire your attitude and believe it has much to do with your journey and recovery.
    I continue to keep you in my prayers.

  2. So, so happy for all of the positive stuff coming you way!

    Congrats on the MBA – what a feeling!

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