Chemo After Effects (11)

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They finally let me leave the chemo ward, pump in hand. I guess it really wasn’t that bad. Plus, my nurses were awesome. I’ve really grown to appreciate the living shit out of nurses lately. Everyone should, they’re great, except the recovery nurse I had after the port surgery, but that’s a whole different story.

I’ve never been attached by a cord to something for two straight days. It wasn’t that big of a deal, but I can’t say it was overwhelmingly pleasant either. The pump was about the size of a Sony Walkman from when I was ten years old. At least it didn’t skip when I hit a pothole. They tried to get me to wear this big white belt thing around my abdomen to hold the pump. It was pretty uncomfortable, kept falling down, and was damn near impossible to sit down with. I found out it fit perfectly into my sweet new Old Navy sweatpants though.

Now, to answer the question you’ve all been waiting for. No, I didn’t really have many side effects or feel any nausea of any real consequence. One of the biggest side effects I am going to be dealing with is cold sensitivity. I can’t tell you how excited that makes me since it is the dead of freakin’ winter. Cue our first snowfall tomorrow. This side effect is from the Oxaliplatin. The first night after I got home, I went over to my parents house for dinner. I’m pretty sure chemo actually made me more hungry than I had been. Weird. Anyways, I was making a turkey sandwich and I went to grab the deli meat out of the bag and it felt like it burnt my hand. I dropped it immediately. It was the craziest thing. It never happened again after that though. Oh, and my back teeth hurt every time I started eating, but only for a bite or two.

I did, however, feel like crap all day on Friday, the day after getting my pump unhooked. I was just exhausted and it was hard to do everything. It only lasted for about 24 hours though. I got to see the incision from the port for the first time too. It’s pretty gnarly. The port actually sticks up out of the skin too, which is kind of weird. It’s like a small golf ball.

By Monday, I felt great. I’ve felt better the last five days than at any point since I first started feeling bad and I have finally been back to eating what I consider a sufficient amount. I’m looking forward to asking the doctor if I can do any sort of exercise besides walking when I see him on Monday.

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  1. NICE! Working out will probably give you a better outlook & reduce your stress. I am going to guess Light weights, higher reps may be ok. Keep positive man & you will be the winner.
    Then we wan winner winner chicken dinner.

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