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I won. (37)

From this day on, I have a future again. Don’t expect me to take it for granted. My heart is heavy, my mind has been mangled, my body is beaten up from a repeatedly viscous onslaught, my emotions are elevated, and I’m pretty tired. But, who gives a shit. I f***ing won! I now have the […]

Chemo 8-10 (36)

Chemo 8-10: It’s been about a two month long hiatus from the blog, whoops…again. I’ve been busy, and there really hasn’t been a whole lot I have felt like writing about. Even though things have been going about as well as possible…it’s still not pretty a lot of the time. I know  I said I […]

Chemo Round…7! (35)

The hospital was crazy busy on Monday. I walked in to get my labs drawn at 8:20 and there was already a full house. Of course, I was the youngest person there by about 30 years. That is, until my buddy Ryan came in. Ryan and I have become friends because we are on the […]

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